The Services We Offer

The services available from Crookes & Sons

We take pride in the products that we make in our workshop in Hillsborough, the suburb in north-west Sheffield. Here are additional, more thorough details about these products and our services.

Timber box sash windows from Sheffield

The pleasant proportions and overall appearance of sash windows have only encouraged their popularity in Britain throughout the last few centuries. Our traditional timber box sash windows use high quality materials, innovative design and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to achieve a level of performance comparable to that of modern windows.

Casement windows from Sheffield

Casement windows – defined as windows the sides of which are attached to frames by hinges – were, historically, the most common type of windows used for UK residences before the introduction of the sash window. Casement windows made by our expert joiners can be great for giving a building a more classy and continental European look.

Orangeries, conservatories and lantern roofs from Sheffield

A visually pleasing lantern roof made by our hands can bring more of the sun’s natural light into a building, in the process adding more life to an otherwise dark and uninteresting space. We can also install a glazed lantern into a flat roof to make a complete orangery – or, alternatively, provide a conservatory, the roof beams of which will go right to the edge.

Other Accoya wood products from Sheffield

We use Accoya timber, which matches or even exceeds the very best tropical hardwoods in durability, stability and beauty, for making many other products. This type of high technology wood is also notable for its friendliness to the environment.